Basic communications

Crash-course is an online language course based on the learning by doing approach where participants in small Telegram groups focus on achieving a goal for 21 / 30 days in a row.

This is a fun and effective alternative to classes. At a convenient time, you complete assignments from Less Education teachers, share your results with group members, receive badges, bonuses and nice compliments!


What will we do at the crash-course?


The sole purpose of the course is to cover the basics of the English language and help you start communicating in English (speak, write, read and listen) right away. In 21 days we are going to learn how to: — Make small talk and build relationships with people in English — Write short and meaningful emails — Communicate informally in messengers — Read articles and surf the Internet in English — Develop a good ear for English — Watch professional and entertainment videos on YouTube

Course Creators and your Mentors

Adelya Kudyakova —
Adelya Kudyakova — Senior English teacher with 10-year experience. She taught English in Russia, China, and Malaysia. Since 2020 she lives in Canada, teaches English online, and develops programs for teaching English. She has extensive teaching experience from scratch to advanced. Adelya believes that learning English should be fun and exciting and, most importantly, all you need is a desire to speak and understand the language. Adelya will tell you how to overcome the language barrier, find a common language with foreigners and feel at home in any company of people from other countries.
Nikita Bondarchuk —
Nikita Bondarchuk — Head of the Language Learning Center at the ICL Services international IT company. He has been teaching English to developers, QA engineers, and project managers for over 5 years. He is developing soft-skill skills of employees training courses (business correspondence and presentations), as well as conducting marathons and conversation clubs in English. Nikita will be your mentor on the course and will help you achieve your professional goals.

Eugene Kriulin
Eugene Kriulin — co-founder & CEO at Less Education, Software Engineer at the London-based startup Feed. Since 2017 he and his team have been developing products for learning English, because they believe that people learn a language for a reason – people learn English to achieve their life goals.
  • Participants gather in a group chat in Telegram (up to 16 people)
  • There is a curator in the chat – he issues tasks to participants, keeps track of results, and interactively helps participants to cope with tasks
  • The duration of the crash-course is 21 / 30 days. During this time, you will get in with your teammates and widen your network of contacts. You are all united by something in common — each of you has a big international goal
  • As the result of the crash-course you will have all the necessary skills to achieve the goal and make one step closer to your dream

How to join our course?


The cost of participation in the crash-course is $90. To join the group, follow the link and make a payment 🤘

If you have any questions, contact Eugene on Telegram

Welcome to the «Basic communications» English crash-course! We will do everything to help you go global 🌎